Brain Training to remember Face & Name

Record the hints to associate the distinct features of a face and name.
Based on well-known theory of mnemonics & how people remember the names.

Mneomic is pronounced as "ni-mon-ik", so the name Name-O-Nik.

  • Mark features of a face
  • Store mnemonics of name
  • Store images of mnemonics
  • Record a story to bind features, mnemonics & pictures
  • Challenge yourself to remember the name
  • Pull people from LinkedIn/Facebook/Contacts

Add People

Add people from your network.

   - LinkedIn (2nd & 3rd connections),

   - Facebook (random people) or

   - Contacts

No more predefined set of people, you don't bother for.

When you meet a person at a conference

    - Add her in the contact list

    - Add in the app using Add People

    - Assign hints

Assign Hints

Identify Features:

    - Touch & Drag to mark out a feature.

    - Select from various shapes to draw an area.


    - Dictionary words suggested using the name.

    - Select amongst those or enter your own words


    - Fetched from internet as per the words selected


    - Make a story to associate name, feature & images.

    - More weird the story, better it is.


Turn training into game.

Challenge yourself by the faces you have assigned hints to.

You can go through hints to get a clue.

Why This App?
Hey John,...How Are you?
Hi ????.... Good...What's Up

(Puzzling look as John fails to remember the name)

Remember me? We met at NY conference last month..
Ummm.. Yes... How are the things?
Have you got into such embarrassing situation & went on a fruitless conversation?

If yes, this app is for you...

Simple 4 steps to improve your face & name memory

    1. Identify Features

    2. Split name to make mnemonics

    3. Have some pictorial view of this mnemonics

    4. Build a story

Simple, but hard to implement??

The reason is one can't exercise this when you meet people.

You are too busy listening to them.

In theory, effective steps, but useless, if you can't practice them.

This is an app to help you to practice the steps

    ...on your own & even without letting them know.